Covid-19 Vaccination

Victoria Medical Centre has been running a Covid-19 vaccination clinic in the Beacon shopping centre in Eastbourne. As reported in the Eastbourne Herald on January 11 2020, over 600 people a day were receiving Covid vaccinations per day as of the second week in January. VMC has been giving people vaccinations in order of the government’s vaccine priority list, starting with all VMC’s patients in nursing and care homes.

Victoria Medical Centre chairman Dr Mark Gaffney said, “It’s the future. We can’t carry on the way we are going.”

“We have got to sort this out and the only way I see of sorting it out is actually vaccinating all the people that we need to vaccinate. So as fast as they can give us the vaccine we will distribute them.”

The centre currently is currently vaccinating people with the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine. In addition to the 600 people being vaccinated per day, more than 1,000 others are being contacted each day to inform them of their slot to receive the jab.

Dr Gaffney added, “It’s been very smooth, very quick, very easy, no problems.”

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